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As you know, your restaurant is only as good as its reputation and the quality of the food you serve. This is why it's crucial that your cooking equipment be in top shape! When it underperforms, your meals underperform and that's not the notoriety you're looking for.

ICU Mechanical knows how critical this is to your operation which is why we provide all the help you'll ever need, including installation, maintenance, and reliable repair.

With new equipment and technology, it's important to make sure the company you choose is on top of the latest trends. ICU Mechanical applies cutting-edge methodology to every job we do, and our certified technicians are educated to handle most makes and models!

Whether you need replacement or refurbishing, we can ensure that your commercial kitchen equipment is running at its best, day in and day out!

When you have equipment failure, you stand to lose customers and that’s not where you want to be. You need a company you can rely on, one that has a proven track record and is an established part of the industry. With ICU Mechanical, you get just that! Our reputation precedes us and there’s a reason why we’re the number one choice for commercial cooking equipment repair in northern Indiana!

Services include:

  • Conventional and Convection ovens

  • Deep and Pressure Fryers

  • Grills, Charbroilers, and Flat Tops

  • Food Warmers

  • Steamers and Smokers

  • Exhaust fans and make up air units

  • Garbage Disposals

  • Dish Machines

and much more!

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